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Can Go from $20 to $5000/month with 1 Month Left?

There is over just one month left for me to get to $5000 monthly recurring revenue in My Web App Challenge: From Zero to $5000/month in 5 months.

The problem? I’m at $20.

The app I’m building lets you automatically unsubscribe from unwanted emails that you never open, so you can focus on the emails that matter, saving yourself time and effort. You can see it here:

I’ve left launching too late, I feel the idea is valid as I’ve had a lot of interest and have managed to get my first few paying customers who have found my app by googling and finding my Reddit posts. However $5000 with only one month left to market is a tough goal. I’m going to give it my best.

I regret setting a monetary goal. There are a few reasons for this:

  • It focused too much on the destination, rather than enjoying the journey itself.
  • It took away the joy of creating.
  • The goal was not quite immediate enough to spur me into the action I hoped it would
  • I would prefer to focus on building an amazing product, than the outcome.

I didn’t start Indie Hacking to get rich – I started it because I wanted to live a life full of creativity and passion. For me, Indie Hacking is more than just a way to make money – it’s a way to build things that I’m truly passionate about and that bring value to people’s lives. I believe that Indie Hacking can lead to a fulfilling lifestyle that allows you to work on projects you love and make a positive impact on the world.

When I first posted this challenge, I was blown away by the sheer number of people obsessed with validating their ideas. I get it – validation is important. But what many fail to realize is that it’s not enough to just throw up a landing page and call it a day. You need to show something real, something that people can touch, feel, and use. That’s the only way to truly validate an idea. A mere email list won’t cut it. So, while I’m all for validation, I believe it’s time to stop obsessing over it and start focusing on what really matters: creating something of value that people will love and pay for.

I instead used my own experience, gut feeling and intuition. I spent a few months building out an MVP then I am about to fully launch. The biggest mistake I’ve made so far is waiting too long to launch, as perhaps I put too much pressure on it.

Even if this fails and never amounts to anything, I’ll be happy either way. Not everything has to be validated, or for a purpose. No time is truly wasted. I’ve seen people trying to validate ideas for years, where they could have built 10 products in that time. Even if none took off that’s some very valuable experience.

It’s time to launch and do my best for the next month. will be launching in about five hours on Product Hunt on the 9th of March 12:01 PDT time.

Product Hunt works by having a leaderboard, that ranks products higher that get more upvotes in the first 24 hours.

Please consider supporting me on Product Hunt when it goes live. To help me achieve my impossible goal of $5000 MMR by April 14th.

I don’t have a very large audience, however, I’ve been notifying everyone I can about the launch over the last two days via email, social media etc. The only way the launch will go well is if the greater Product Hunt community likes the app.

Edit: Launch is now live, see below.

AutoUnsubscribe - Automatically unsubscribe from emails that you never open. | Product Hunt

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