How to get data from Woolworths Online

I get a lot of questions about how I built from people looking to build apps to use data from Woolworths Online. I don’t have any official API access to the Woolworths Online API, I basically just consume the endpoints that their public facing website does.

The Woolworths Online website is AngularJS based and has public facing json data that you can find the endpoints to using Chrome DevTools.

Basically head to a product or page you want to get data from such as Almond Kernals. Open DevTools, go to the ‘Network’ tab and click ‘XHR’ as shown in the image below. Then refresh the page.

If you then hover over the items in the Name column, you will see a URL for the endpoint of that data. Right click > Copy > Copy Link Address.

In this case right clicking ‘176111’ the product id gives me the following url:

If you head to that URL now you can see JSON data which you can then use to easily get what data you need.

Hopefully this helps!

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