Welcome to my portfolio. Below you will find live projects, work in progress, previous company work and client work. I have only included a small selection of my work.


AutoUnsubscribe – Automatically unsubscribe from emails you don’t open – currently in beta.

  • AutoUnsubscribe is a new project that I have been building in my spare time. It aims to help reduce email spam, as this is a large problem I had when I ran Chocolab, as I missed important emails, due to spam from our suppliers.
  • It is built with Ruby on Rails

Sandstone Technology

Sandstone Technology is a company that builds digital banking software it then white labels to banks. Throughout my time here I worked with clients such as ANZ, RaboDirect, Mandiri Bank etc.

I worked across a number of roles including frontend development (Javascript, HTML, CSS, Angular.js), visual design and UX design with a big focus on building and user testing prototypes.

Before I left the company I was the sole UX designer and UX lead for the mobile banking app, for which I have included screenshots below. I ran user research, user testing, made wireframes and visual designs for the app. User testing was done via Axure and a PhoneGap Javascript app that I maintained.

Stellar Squash

Stellar Squash – Customer-facing and wholesale site for USA expansion.

  • Built on top of Shopify with a heavily customised theme including custom javascript for the product carousel.
  • Initial designs were completed in Figma and then coded by myself to the website.
  • Edited existing photography provided by client.
  • Banner design and all design work is by me.


Chocolab – Send a personalised chocolate gift. Please note the current website does not reflect my work, as the new owners have changed it. I’ve included some screenshots below of some of my designs.

Chocolab is a eCommerce business I founded in 2015 with my wife and recently sold in July 2022. It was built on top of WordPress and WooCommerce. The business later opened a retail store and cafe before it’s sale.

I worked across the entire business, from marketing to tech, to managing staff and meeting orders. Here’s a list:

  • Managed staff
  • Package design
  • Branding
  • Product photography
  • Order meeting process
  • Producing and packaging chocolate
  • Design and development of website
  • Development of custom plugins to better manage bespoke orders
  • Development of a chocolate creation lab where customers could build their own chocolate bars
  • Custom software to estimate the day to day profitability of sales
  • Custom python Tkinter apps to:
    • Generate nutritional labels when scanning an order sheet based on ingredient lists stored in google sheets using the sheets and WooCommerce api.
    • Scan to print gift cards
    • Generate product labels
    • Generate chocolate transfer sheets to print on and transfer to chocolate, which let customers add edible personalised messages & images to chocolate bars.
  • Primary marketer
  • Sent and designed EDMs
  • Managed and grew social media accounts
  • Maintained physical machinery from electrical work, to routine maintenance.


CheckYourList – Make repeatable checklists. A SwiftUI based iOS app I built.

  • The app is currently live in the app store and is slowly growing.
  • Initial wireframes were completed with pen & paper.
  • Initial design work was done in Adobe XD, however eventually moved to pen & paper straight to code.
  • Marketing website is built on top of GatsbyJS/ReactJS
  • Works on WatchOS, MacOS, iPadOS and iOS

Beep Test Watch

Beep Test Watch – A beep test for Apple Watch. A SwiftUI based iOS and WatchOS app.

  • I built this app as I wanted to be able to use haptics on Apple Watch to run a fitness test called a beep test.
  • The app integrates with Apple Health and records workout data.
  • Later build an iPhone version.


DiscountKit – We’ll alert you when your favourite Woolworths Online products are on sale. So you can bulk buy and save $$$.

  • I built this tool originally for Chocolab so we could reduce our ingredient cost. I then released it publicly as I felt others could benefit from it. It made a small amount of revenue through an affiliate program.
  • I’ve since discontinued the product due to issues with being blocked by Woolworths as well as the affiliate program ending.
  • The app was built with Node.js