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Web App Challenge: Progress Report, Beta Discount & MVP Soon

It’s been a while since my last update due to some life circumstances and the interruption of the Christmas break. I’m looking to end the beta soon and attempt to get my first paying customer. I’m going to have a special deal for beta users soon, so now is your last chance to try the service ( Since my last update here’s what I have been doing:


Pricing can be a hard thing to determine upfront, especially as it is harder to forecast my costs. I decided to go with three different things:

  • A trial with five free email unsubscribes to get a feel of the service.
  • a $10 seven-day single purchase for people who just want to quickly get on top of their email subscriptions.
  • A $20 monthly subscription for people who want to constantly keep on top of their email subscriptions.

I realised a lot of people would get the most value out of AutoUnsubscribe very quickly, so I wanted to provide an option for them, opposed to just subscribing for a month then cancelling.


I’ve spent some time working on the homepage, with the focus of building more trust when people initially land, as trusting AutoUnsubscribe with their data is a big step. The general dashboard has been improved as well toward this goal. There is a balance between taking too much time to design things vs getting something launched quickly.


  • A lot of bug fixes based on the beta
  • Added official iCloud support
  • Improved onboarding flow
  • Better more efficient unsubscribing by also using mailto unsubscribe links
  • Stripe integration
  • Implementing Ruby on Rails turbo so everything is much smoother

What’s next

  • The next step is to switch from the beta to the MVP launch, where I can attempt to get my first paying customer which would be a huge milestone.
  • I imagine I will be changing the pricing a lot, and pivoting things a bit until I can get AutoUnsubscribe to where I want to be.
  • I’m going to reach out to more users, and potentially try to interview some so I can get a stronger sense of what product market fit would look like.

The beta is ending very soon, however, if you still want to try AutoUnsubscribe for free you can, just head over to the website:

I’m going to be doing a very good deal for beta users, where they can get AutoUnsubscribe at a large discount, so if you want to be involved sign up asap.

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